8 tips to relieve baby during dental surges

Your baby is irritable and crying for nothing, his gums appear swollen and painful, he salivates a lot and has a tendency to nibble, sometimes even red cheeks, a loss of appetite and a disturbed sleep … no doubt, he is surely in the process to make teeth! We have therefore prepared a list of 8 tips to relieve his small gums during his first outbreaks.  

1. The refrigerated teething ring

Essential, this method is probably the most used by parents. Cold is a good anesthetic because it shrinks the blood vessels dilated by inflammation. Give the baby a ring to chew just out of the fridge or freezer a good way to relieve it immediately. Choose it preferably textured, for a better help to the thrust of the teeth.baby teeth chart step which teeth come first.


2. Other teething toys

There are a multitude of toys specially designed to be chewed by baby and help him to teething. Soft toys and toys, with soft and textured parts to chew, will be his allies during the moments of games .

3. Bread, rusks, frozen fruit

Depending on the age of your child and always under surveillance, you can offer him a piece of bread, a rusk, or even frozen fruits and vegetables to relieve his pain. Avoid teething biscuits, however. Too sweet, they could cause tooth decay.


4. Gently rub her gums

Once your hands are well washed, wrap a washcloth soaked with cool water around your finger and rub it very gently on the gums. You can also let baby scrub the washcloth, but under your supervision. The use of a very soft baby toothbrush can also be a solution, but to use very gently.


5. Massage them with gingival balm

Teeth gels with anesthetic and antiseptic properties are commercially available. These help to relieve pain with their soothing botanicals. Just wash your hands and apply on your finger to gently massage the baby’s gums, 2 to 4 times a day.


6. Help her relax

Doing a gentle massage or letting it bubble in a warm bath, enjoying the sensation of water, are distractions that will help baby to think of something other than his or her dental pain.


7. Homeopathy

Very popular among pediatricians and many parents, homeopathy seems to act positively against the pain of dental flare in babies. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or pharmacist who will advise you.


8. Amber pearls

In contact with the skin, the amber beads have soothing virtues against toothache. This method of grandmother is nevertheless a debate, because its virtues are not scientifically proven and the necklace would present risks of strangulation for some. However, amber remains a natural and safe method if you opt for a bracelet rather than a necklace, with a wire fine enough to break in case of a snag and pearls separated by knots to avoid them disperse if the wire breaks. you also watch youtube find many video on it

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